Sunday, April 24, 2016

PICTURES...T Shirt Painting Day!

T shirt Day was fun for all!
 We brought 40 white tshirts of varying sizes with us... with 24 patients, we were also able to provide t shirts for the siblings and the younger helpers too; each speech therapy student had to have a parent, sibling, or guardian to assist with practicing speech the 2 weeks.  Those who did not have someone to bring- were provided a helper from volunteers- often family members of the COHSEC staff! We had not anticipated the large staff that supported our 2 weeks, including 12 staff from the Community of Hope Special Education Center, adult volunteers from the community, and the Sisters of St. Columban who run the Center.  Additional t shirts were bought in Ozamiz so EVERYONE could join in the fun! 

T shirts were decorated with Sharpie permanent markers/pens and then dripped with isopropyl alcohol to set the markers! The alcohol drip makes for beautiful 'bleed' of colors!  Here are some pictures from the day(s) we designed the shirts; a future entry from our closing "Culmination Day" will show the children and most adults wearing their shirts!


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