Friday, March 20, 2015

Some before and afters...smiles changed...

BEFORE CLEFT PALATE REPAIR (left) and AFTER SURGICAL REPAIR (right) Although the cleft appears small in the picture on the right- the location of the cleft directly involves the muscles needed for speech; without the repair voice is hypernasal with some sounds impossible to make! The mother of the patient was counseled to return next year for speech therapy!


After ONE SIDED (Unilateral) Cleft Lip Repair!

Beautiful 11 year old with two-sided (bilateral) cleft lip! Although still much swelling after 1 week...amazing outcome for this sweet shy girl!  We caught her smiling when we played a card game with her before surgery, but we hope to see her next year (when she feels better!) with a big, beautiful, well-healed smile! She still needs to have her cleft palate repaired!


Kent "AFTER"  (to the left) what a life changing surgical repair for this young boy...He waited  12 years for a mission to do his surgery! We can't wait to see him next year!  His mother was very happy to be there and finally have him receive surgery! 

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