Saturday, March 16, 2013

We are in Manila for the night after 48 hours of travel! We are supposed to be in Dipolog City by now but our flight was delayed out of L.A.  We missed our Friday evening connection to Manila and spent the evening in a lovely Japanese hotel (courtesy of the airline, thank goodness)!  This also meant we missed our connection for Dipolog Saturday morning. We had anticipated an overnight in Manila- but the overnight is a day late.  We are happy to be so close; this morning (Sunday here) we will see what the airline will do with our rebooking!  Let's hope we our to our destination about 8 hours from this posting!!
The hotel in outside Narita airport was quite nice- and the picture shows the lovely Kimono robes they provided; we enjoyed the green tea as well although we are both coffee drinkers!  We now have our passports stamped for JAPAN so that was an added bonus! 

The immigration line in MANILA was LONG! (picture)After 2 hours to get through immigration, luggage retrieval and customs- we spent a few hours checking 3/4 of our luggage with the cargo carrier! It saved us a bundle- and is mostly books, toys, stuffed animals (and therapy materials for the children!) The airlines have changed their baggage allowance (drastically reduced) and it would have been many, many more Pesos to take with us in morning. We could not have made it around Manila or checked the luggage without the help of local Dipolog City Rotarian, Lindon!  He arranged 2 drivers who took great care of us and left us at this great hotel!
Now, we just need to get a boarding pass for the 11AM flight to Dipolog!
Linda and I can't wait to get started!  Please keep us, all the team of doctors and nurses and local volunteers, as well as all the children who will receive free life-changing surgery (and speech therapy) your prayers!!

Future pictures will be more exciting- the children and families!! (And Linda who didn't model her Kimono- she'll be up next!!)
Love from Theresa and Linda
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