Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Susan and I were busy with therapy and on-going screenings today!  3 children from last year continued to show good speech as a result of their surgery in 2010!  5 children from last year's therapy group arrived for follow-up and are now on our list to recieve therapy for 2 weeks!  Last year 6 of the children came over from Kabankalan, on the island of Negros (a day's trip) for daily speech therapy. 4 of those children have returned this year (Angelyne "Tata", Fhebie, Luziel, Elma) with another child, who had her palate repaired in May, joining us from Negros as well.  We will see them twice a day; they are staying in the education center of a local church. They greeted us late this afternoon with "Good afternoon Mum Theresa Snelling and Mum Susan Stempel." Then they set up the preschool table in their temporary home and were ready for speech therapy.   Above, meet , Luziel, Elma, Tarah,Tata, and Fhebie (top to bottom.)   They are a joy to work with- except it doesn't feel like 'work' at all!


  1. Good work on the blog Mom!! Love all the photos!

  2. So glad you and Susan are there safe and sound. The kids look awesome. Have a wonderful trip. Julie